HVAC Services in Troutdale, OR

Maintenance of the interior unit is just as important as tasks for the exterior unit. The condition of the interior unit can play a role in how effectively the unit heats or cools the property. Technicians follow a similar checklist for maintaining the interior unit as the exterior unit. However, how well the property is cleaned defines what issues the owner faces with the interior unit. 

Cleaning the Casing and Checking the Filters 

The interior unit must be cleaned regularly to prevent debris buildup. The casing on the front of the unit should be cleaned at any time that dust appears on it. This lowers the risk of extra debris accumulating inside the unit. Technicians will clean the casing and change out the filter when performing seasonal cleaning. However, it is recommended that the property owner should clean the casing whenever they dust their property. The casing is easy to remove from the front of the unit without personal injuries or damage. Technicians can show property owners in Troutdale how to clean the casing and reconnect it properly. 

Vacuum Out the Unit

A shop vacuum is used to pull all the debris buildup inside the unit. Dust, dirt, and debris accumulate as the system pulls interior air into the unit. Dirt and dust that accumulate in the property can have a negative effect on the heating and cooling unit. The property will need proper ventilation to manage debris in the air.

If the air circulates properly, dust won’t accumulate at high volumes in residential properties. However, in commercial or industrial settings dust accumulation is much higher because of machinery that operates frequently in the space. HVAC technicians establish how often interior units should be vacuumed out according to the rate of dust and debris accumulation inside the property.  

Clean the Condenser Coils

The condenser coil must be cleaned to prevent airflow problems. Too often, if the coils aren’t cleaned, the coils can freeze and prevent hot air from escaping from the inside of the property. A clear sign that the condenser coil has frozen is hot air circulating through the air conditioning unit. Before the technician can assess the problem, it is necessary for the ice to melt off the condenser coil. Typically, the culprit is low refrigerant levels or even a leak.

Technicians must trace the source of the problem after the coils are cleaned. The fins on the condenser coil are straightened if necessary. HVAC services in Troutdale, OR help the owner keep the condenser coil clean and operating properly. 

Clean and Test the Fan and Motor

A common issue for property owners is debris becoming trapped in or around the fan and motor. In homes that are cleaned more frequently, it is less likely that the unit will sustain a serious clog or blockage. However, busy property owners who cannot dust at least once a week will need more profound cleaning services. The technicians remove casing when necessary to inspect the motor and the fan. The fan can be removed from the unit for more thorough cleaning. This cuts down on the time it takes to clean the entire unit. Heating Services also involves proper fan and motor cleaning. 

Is the Thermostat Outdated?

According to statistics, the thermostat’s longevity is around 25 years just like the heating or cooling units they control. However, some repair services won’t replace the thermostat if the current thermostat is compatible with the new unit and functions properly. This isn’t always a great idea for property owners. The components in the thermostat become outdated and won’t give the owner the same benefits as a new thermostat. Today, some installations can control not just the heating and cooling system, but they also control heated flooring. Cooling Services include advice about the thermostat and what thermostat products improve the existing or a new unit. 

Do You Need an Air Cleaner?

An air cleaner isn’t a requirement according to standards. However, the products are installed nearby the heating or cooling system. The purpose of the cleaner is to cut down on debris accumulation that could stop up the interior unit. The products don’t present a higher than average cost for the property owner. However, to get the full benefit of the air cleaner, the filter must be cleaned properly.  

Vital tasks for maintaining the interior unit ensure higher quality heating and cooling. Maintenance tasks are completed for the interior unit just like they are for the exterior unit. Property owners can learn more about maintenance tasks for the interior unit by contacting an HVAC service now.