HVAC Services in Gladstone, OR


Maintenance services for heating, cooling, and ventilation systems improve the way the systems operate. Without proper maintenance, the longevity of the HVAC systems is decreased dramatically. Each system requires a specific list of maintenance steps for preventing issues and complete system shutdowns. A local service provider performs these maintenance tasks for property owners. 

Start With Filters

All HVAC systems use filters to capture dust, dirt, and debris and prevent these substances from spreading throughout the property. Filters lower the number of pathogens and allergens in the air. It is necessary for the owner to change out the filters at least once a month. An air cleaner is a great idea to supplement the filtration of the air through the HVAC system. An HVAC technician recommends air cleaners and reviews how the filters manage air quality in the property. 

The new filter must be the correct size for the HVAC system. If the filter doesn’t fit properly, it won’t collect allergens and pathogens properly. Property owners can ask their preferred service providers to measure their systems for the proper size. This will lower the risk of issues caused by improper filter sizing. 

Proper Cleaning for the Systems

Cleaning services require the technician to clean the casing of the HVAC system thoroughly. This includes an interior and exterior unit. Next, the casing is removed, and the entire unit is vacuumed. Technicians clean debris from condenser coils, trays, the fan, and around the motor. The interior units are more likely to have dust, dirt, and pet hair trapped inside them over time. The exterior units accumulate dirt, leaves, and pine straw. Technicians must clean all units in Gladstone thoroughly before starting any inspections. It is recommended that property owners schedule cleaning services at least twice a year.  

Test the Thermostat

Technicians review how the thermostat operates. They adjust the setting to determine if the thermostat is reading the interior temperatures correctly. Next, the technicians determine if the thermostat engages the system in all settings. Irregular temperature readings are often the first sign of a thermostat problem. A draft around the unit could cause irregular readings and requires the property owner to eliminate the draft. 

The technician will first determine if this is the case. If so, the property owner needs to cut off the draft to maintain proper temperature readings. If not, the technician might recommend replacing the thermostat. Programmable thermostats are available and offer a wealth of benefits. Testing the components helps technicians determine if the property owner needs replacement services in Gladstone OR today. 

Apply Lubrication for Moving Parts

All the moving parts for the HVAC systems require proper lubrication to prevent grinding. The technicians review each of the components for issues and proper lubrication. Knowledge of how the components work indicates when a problem is present. Proper lubrication ensures that the components operate correctly and don’t cause damage to each component or surrounding components. It is paramount for the property owner to schedule evaluations for their Heating Services and determine if the parts are lubricated and operating correctly. 

Technicians know what products are best for lubricating the moving parts. They know the exact amount of lubricant to apply to the components. When completing the assessment, the technicians look for marks that indicate that the components were grinding together. All damage must be repaired to ensure that the system continues to operate properly. 

Refrigerant Levels for Cooling Systems

Cooling Services require refrigerant to produce cool air. Technicians use gauges to determine if the system needs more refrigerant. Technicians must have proper certification for handling refrigerants. The gas can present some health risks and damage the environment. They must understand how to use proper tools to add or remove the gas from the system. 

Refrigerant levels for cooling systems must be assessed properly to determine if there is a gas leak. A refrigerant leak prevents the cooling system from producing cool air. Testing for a refrigerant level prevents environmental risks and ensures top performance levels. 

Maintenance services include common checklist tasks for protecting HVAC systems. The filters are the first checklist item and must be replaced for improving airflow. Filters capture dust, dirt, and allergens, and they must be replaced every month. Thorough cleaning eliminates debris that has collected in the system. Testing components makes it easier to find issues that affect how the systems operate. Completing all necessary maintenance services keeps the systems operating for a long time and prevents possible shutdowns. Property owners can set up maintenance services by contacting a local service provider now.