HVAC Services in Fairview, OR

Preparing for winter requires property owners to evaluate their heating systems. The systems must provide adequate hot air throughout the property to prevent the effects of cold winter temperatures. HVAC services address all vital concerns related to the heating systems and protect the property owner against winter-related illnesses. 

Turning the Gas on to the Heater

The first step for the technicians is to turn off the gas to the heater itself. This prevents any gas from entering the property during testing tasks. Some property owners in Fairview turn off their gas and shut down pilot lights as the seasons change. However, it is necessary for the service provider to determine if this is the case for the current customer. The gas release valve is connected to the unit itself. It is not necessary to turn off the gas to the entire property for these tests.  

Test the Gas Lines for the Heater

Property owners who suspect a gas leak can complete a fast test and find the leak. They apply soapy water on the gas lines and if bubbles appear, there is a gas leak. If a leak is present, the property owner should turn off the gas to the home immediately and contact their service provider. 

Professionals use a gas leak detector to measure the amount of a specific gas in the interior air. The same detectors are used around the gas lines to determine the rate at which the gas is leaking. Gas line repairs must be completed before the heating system or any gas-based appliance is used inside the property. A gas leak contributes to explosions, fires, and injuries because of gas inhalation. 

Cleaning Both Units to Lower Risks

Property owners who have a central heating and cooling unit need to schedule a professional cleaning for the interior and exterior unit. The techniques used by the service provider define how the cleaning is conducted. However, the purpose is to remove all debris inside each unit and to identify any risks that can generate a clog or blockage in either unit. 

Property owners consider all risks of blockages when managing their homes, too. For instance, a common issue that leads to blockages in a central unit is mismanaged pet hair. It is easy for pet owners to fall into a pattern where they don’t realize how much pet hair has accumulated in their unit. When the professional HVAC providers clean out the unit, they soon discover that pet hair can be a real and significant problem for HVAC systems.  

Service providers in Fairview, OR recommend more frequent sweeping and dusting. Using air cleaners helps cut down on how much pet hair is sucked up into the system. It is also necessary for the pet owner to step it up a notch when brushing and grooming their pet. This cuts down on the volume of loose hair that can fall into the ductwork and cause a blockage. 

Clean Out and Inspect the Ventilation System

The ventilation system must be cleaned out and inspected when preparing for winter, too. Vacuuming out the ventilation system and ductwork gets rid of debris that can cause risks to the heating unit. It can also eliminate odors. Too often, property owners don’t take this additional step, and they experience a harsh odor as debris and dust circulate through the system. The type of heating system defines how often the vents should be cleaned. 

Heating Services require technicians to inspect the ventilation system for damage. Condensation inside the ventilation during the summer can generate serious issues such as mold, mildew, and algae. If they find these substances, the ventilation system is cleaned to remove these environmental risks. Repairing existing damage ensures that all the hot air circulates inside the property and doesn’t flow through a crack or break in the ventilation system. 

Testing the Property for Drafts and Air Leaks

The thermostat engages according to the interior temperatures nearby it. A draft generates irregular cycling of the unit and causes the heating system to run when it shouldn’t. Testing for a draft and air leaks helps the technician identify issues that affect the thermostat. Drafts are caused by improper insulation and damaged door or window seals. Technicians provide recommendations for shutting off the drafts and air leaks effectively. Heating and Cooling Services include assessments for the thermostat. 

Heating systems must be inspected, cleaned, and repaired before the first day of winter. HVAC service providers complete a series of maintenance tasks at the end of summer to prevent systems failures. When preparing for winter, property owners can set up maintenance tasks by contacting a service provider today.