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Industry-Certified AC Installation in Oregon City, OR

For the past decades, increasingly more homeowners are finding that AC units are necessary, especially in today’s sporadic summer heatwaves in Oregon City. Air conditioners not only make your home more comfortable in the hottest months but also improve its value and marketability should you ever decide to sell it.

If you are in the process of looking for an AC installation Oregon City, OR, make sure to hire a reputable contractor like us here at Control Techs NW. We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured HVAC contractor specializing in installing all AC systems’ makes and models, besides repair, replacement, and maintenance.

ACc Installation Oregon City OR

We Install Central Air Conditioning Units

Need to cool down an entire home or office space? A central air conditioning unit could be a practical investment!

This type of system relies on a split configuration, meaning that there is an outdoor compressor and outdoor condenser connected to an indoor air handler. This air handler is responsible for distributing the cooled air throughout your ductwork via a series of vents placed strategically around your property.

Central air is one of the most popular types of AC systems on the market, and for good reasons. It is an effective way to cool large spaces and can easily integrate into your existing ductwork (if you have any).

Other benefits associated with AC installation Oregon City, OR include:

  • Easy Maintenance – Since all components are located in one place (outside), keeping an eye on the system is easier. It won’t require much attention. To maintain the AC, you only need to change the air filter every three months, clean the outside unit at least twice a year, and ensure there is enough clearance around to allow air to circulate properly.
  • Improved indoor air quality – A central air conditioning unit comes with a built-in air filter, which will help remove pollen, dust, pet dander, and other airborne contaminants from the circulated air. It is a much better alternative to using portable air purifiers, which only work in one specific room. People with allergies or respiratory conditions will definitely benefit from using this system.
  • Energy efficiency – Many newer models are ENERGY STAR® certified, meaning they have been independently verified to meet certain energy efficiency guidelines set by the EPA. Not only does this help you save money on your monthly cooling costs, but it also reduces your home’s carbon footprint!

Let Us Help You Choose the Perfect Unit for Your Home or Office

Not sure what type of AC system would be best for your property? Our HVAC team can help! We will take into account the size of your space, your budget, and your specific cooling needs to help you choose the perfect unit.

Once we have helped you choose the right product, our technicians will get to work on the installation. We always ensure that our work is up to code and meets all local building regulations.

Learn More About Improving Your Indoor Temperature with Our AC Installation Oregon City, OR!

Oregon City is currently under an excessive heat warning! The highs are only going to be in the low 90s, but with the humidity, it will feel more like 103 degrees. If you don’t have air conditioning in your home, now is the time to get it installed!

If you would like to learn more about central air conditioning or get a quote for AC installation Oregon City, OR, don’t hesitate to drop us a call at (503) 420-0659.


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