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Dependable Furnace Repair in Sandy OR

It’s incredibly uncomfortable when your furnace breaks down at the time you need it most – winter. But a routine maintenance or furnace repair in Sandy, OR can minimize the risk.

At Control Techs NW, we make sure our valued clients enjoy a furnace in good working order during the long colder months by providing a thorough inspection, customized maintenance, as well as quality repair. Thus, you can be sure that you and your family can stay warm and comfy during winter.

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Abnormal Furnace Smells That Require Quick Repair

Are you smelling something unusual coming from your furnace? Many furnaces begin or worsen their emissions of fumes and odors as they age.

Sometimes those smells are usual; other times, they’re a sign of a problem with your unit that requires proper care and attention. Here are five abnormal smells that you should not take lightly:

Burning Plastic

If the seal on your heat exchanger has been breached, it could be burning plastic. It may sound funny to think about a fire starting in your furnace, but it happens often enough – usually at night when no one is aware of what’s going on until morning.

If this is the case, keep an eye out for a melting seal, and do not hesitate to contact a local HVAC contractor for quality furnace repair in Sandy, OR.

Sulfur Smells

Sulfur can also be emitted from zinc galvanized pipes when water sits in them for an extended time. To put it simply, these kinds of odors mean high levels of hydrogen sulfide in the air, and immediate attention is needed by a certified professional.

Burning Carpet

It’s unlikely that your furnace will ever emit smells of burning carpet, but if it does, then there might be a potential problem with your heating system. This kind of odor could indicate carbon monoxide poisoning, so turn off all power to your furnace and consider a furnace repair in Sandy, OR, immediately.

Musty Smells

High humidity levels in your home are expected during the winter months, but mold and mildew can settle in if they rise too high for too long. This is what you’ll sense when mustiness is detected in your furnace.

If this happens, look for leaky ductwork or an improperly sealed heat exchanger to verify that it’s due to water vapor.

Rotten Eggs

More likely than not, you’re smelling sulfur again! The devilish gas emits a strong rotten egg odor when petroleum-based products like propane pass through your furnace.

If you have prior experience and the necessary tools, it’s good to fix this problem yourself. But for your safety and convenience, you can leave the job to an HVAC specialist.

Bring Back Your Indoor Air Quality With Control Techs NW

It is usual for a furnace to smell like its fuel while running. It also dissipates over time. But if you notice a scent that does not go away even after a few days have passed, there might be something wrong with your heating unit.

For customized furnace repair in Sandy, OR, Control Techs NW is the company you can count on. Aside from a well-trained team of technicians, we also pride ourselves on cutting-edge tools and equipment, helping us get any job done in no time. Give us a call at 503-983-8913 today to get started.


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