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Are you looking for a new air conditioner? Your current system might be too old to perform at peak levels, or it might be damaged in some way. In either case, you need a new system before the weather heats up and your family suffers from sweat and extreme summer. 

A new air conditioning installation can be expensive, but it’s worth the price. Control Techs NW is here to provide top-of-the-line residential A/C installation in Clackamas, OR.

Professional A/C Installers in Clackamas, OR & Nearby Areas

We’ve been providing A/C installation service in Clackamas, OR for years, and we have an excellent reputation in the community. Our customers appreciate our personalized service and friendly technicians. 

Our company is known for the quality of our work and satisfactory customer service at every project. We take pride in knowing that you get the comfort you deserve from our trained and experienced HVAC experts. 

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The Trusted Name in A/C Installation Services

When it’s about A/C installation services in Clackamas, OR, nothing does better than Control Techs NW. We’ve been providing air conditioning installation services for years, and we know what our customers need. 

Our team of professionals is here to help you with all your needs. We provide the best customer service and quality work possible! There’s no hassle or stress involved in the process; we’ll take care of everything from start to finish. 

Signs You Need A/C Replacement

Are you having trouble with your existing air conditioning system? Maybe it’s time to consider a replacement. 

Here are some red flags you need to watch out for: 

Old and Inefficient System 

You can’t expect an old A/C to work as efficiently as a new system. In this case, replacement will be necessary, especially when your existing system can no longer meet your comfort demands. So when it comes time to upgrade your systems, you need to do it thoroughly and completely. 

Damaged Part/Component 

Maybe there are cracks or leaks somewhere in your system, especially in the exterior unit. Every year, the outside of your home is exposed to dirt and water which can cause leaks. 

If you don’t have an appointment with us soon for an air conditioning replacement then these cracks will not only lead to expensive repair needs but also affect how well it cools inside too!

Frequent Repairs

You might be experiencing frequent repairs if your air conditioner is older than ten years. This means that there’s a good chance you’ll need to replace the system, and it will happen sooner rather than later. Don’t keep putting off what could potentially become an expensive repair bill.

You’re Not Getting as Much Cooling Power as Before

Your air conditioner might not be putting out as much cold air as it used to. This is a sure sign that your system needs an air conditioning replacement, and we can help you get a suitable unit for your home’s size and structure, so it runs more efficiently than before. 

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We are the A/C installation contractor in Clackamas, OR dedicated to providing comprehensive air conditioning installation services for your home. Our technicians are certified and trained to provide you with an excellent service experience. We’re also fully insured, so if anything goes wrong during the process of installing a new air conditioning unit into your home or business, then we’ll take care of it.

If you need air conditioning replacement in Clackamas, OR, give us a call at 503-420-0659 to schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

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