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Premier HVAC Control Maintenance and Services for Commercial and Residential Properties in Clackamas, OR

Our new system is more than just a series of environmental controls. It’s an entire product of efficiency designed with unique solutions to reduce installation time and maintenance costs while maximizing room/occupant comfort!

We provide affordable services that include programmable thermostats installation/repair, ductless/mini split systems installation/service, ventilation system repair/maintenance, furnace repair/installation, air conditioning services, heat pump repair/maintenance, humidifiers installation, and commercial HVAC control, and other services. 

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Control Maintenance and Services for Homes & Businesses

Not only do we offer maintenance and repairs, but we also upgrade when you need a new control system for your properties. We have complete services for properties in Clackamas, OR.

The following are a few benefits of calling us to service your HVAC controls and systems:

Support with testing and calibration

A lot of equipment used in the manufacturing process is sensitive, so it needs to be tested regularly. As your trusted HVAC company, we are committed to ensuring your devices operate at peak performance. We have up-to date knowledge and strive for accuracy in all of our support services so you never worry about being left vulnerable again!

Reduced breakdowns & downtime

Control systems can break down for some reason. From regular wear and tear to exterior damage, there are a variety of instances in which it can happen. That’s why you need to have the professionals from Control Techs NW on your side. 

When issues arise, we will repair or replace your equipment quickly to keep downtime to a minimum level. This means convenience, safety, and comfort on the part of our customers. 

Preventative maintenance

It may be difficult to predict what problems could arise in the future, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. You should always perform routine inspections and keep an eye on your equipment so that any potential issues can be seen before they happen. This will help decrease the chances of a breakdown and save money.

Best Control Maintenance and Services You Can Trust

When it comes to your homes or businesses, you need a quality control system and services that will work for you and be effective. It can be challenging to find a company that offers accurate services with high-quality results every time.

Control Techs NW is here to give you the best solutions. We offer a range of services that is second to none, whether you need assistance with installing and maintaining your equipment or want to purchase brand new systems.

A wide range of control system services is available for our customers to improve their quality of your life and comfort equipment. Don’t wait until it’s too late to get maintenance or service for your systems. 

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Control Techs NW is the best company to book for your HVAC needs.Our team works with all the leading brands to help you select the best smart solutions for your space and ensure they work efficiently all-year round through regular maintenance and service. 

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