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Comfort Care Club

Be A Comfort Care Club Member Today!

Keep your HVAC system winter and summer-ready for only $19.99!
Join our Comfort Care Club today and enjoy more savings and benefits.

***Additional $10.00 for each additional system per month***

HVAC systems are designed to keep you comfortable – and we’re here to make sure that yours can do its job properly. Our Comfort Care program relieves you from the burden of unexpected repairs and generally makes it easier and more affordable to keep your family comfortable all year round.

Your Club Membership guarantees that appointments provide valuable services and discounts on repairs. You are guaranteed that your repair is “Fixed Right or It’s FREE®.”

8 Benefits of Control Techs’ Comfort Care Program

Comfort Care Club members enjoy several benefits, including:

  1. Exclusive Discounts
    Do you hesitate to schedule a professional HVAC maintenance because you just find it a bit out of your budget? We understand you want to save money, and we’ll offer ways for you to do so.
    • 15% discount on all services, repairs, and duct cleaning
    • $89.99 service fee vs. $149.99 for non-members
    • NO OVERTIME rates for nights and weekends
  2. Care Club Bucks
    HVAC systems aren’t made to last for infinity. When it comes time to replace your system, we’ll help you save some bucks. Your monthly membership accrues over time in your Comfort Care Savings Account. You can use your Care Club Bucks and receive a credit off of the purchase price of a new HVAC system.
  3. Front-of-the-Line Priority Service
    Our club members’ needs are addressed within 24 hours. So no matter how hectic our schedule is, you can expect your HVAC needs to be handled same-day.
  4. Less Chances of Unexpected Breakdowns
    Did you know that 81% of HVAC malfunctions are preventative issues that can be addressed before system failure? By signing up for club membership, you can be sure your HVAC unit receives professional preventative maintenance that could prevent unexpected system breakdowns.
  5. Lower Utility Bills
    Regular cleaning will keep your heater and air conditioner operating at peak performance, letting you reap the rewards of optimal efficiency and energy savings. It will allow you to save thousands of dollars over the long haul in energy costs. In fact, as much as 30% per year!
  6. Complete System Rejuvenation
    Our expert technician will inspect, clean, adjust, and lubricate your system to help ensure it operates to manufacturer specifications.
    • One preventive maintenance per year.* Your system will be tuned up as frequently as it needs to keep it running at its best
    • *One maintenance visit per heating or air conditioning system
  7. Longer System Lifespan
    Proper system care and operation enable the equipment to function as intended, avoiding premature aging and replacement. Hence, it may extend the life of your system. Your membership may pay for itself year after year.
  8. Keeps Your Equipment Warranty Valid
    Your equipment warranty saves you money when it comes time the unit requires repair. But most manufacturers require customers to have the equipment serviced by a professional to keep the warranty valid.

Is there anything else you want to learn about our Comfort Care Club? Our staff will be delighted to answer any questions you have so please do not hesitate to contact our team at 503-420-0659.

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