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Maintenance Guide: Keeping Your Air Conditioning and Heating Unit In Tip-Top Shape

An HVAC in Sandy, OR of different brands and sizes is like any other home appliance. It breaks down with time and frequent use, requiring proper care and immediate attention. But some don’t mind having their heating, and cooling systems inspected and maintained, resulting in a costly furnace repair or replacement.

Common Problems Associated With Poorly Maintained HVAC Equipment

Every home or office needs a functional heating system and air conditioner. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize a handful of problems a poorly maintained HVAC appliance can cause until there is an extensive repair.

Below are some common issues associated with HVAC equipment that doesn’t receive a fine tune-up:

Freon Leak

An air conditioner comes with a refrigerant located inside the unit’s copper coils. This compound is commonly known as freon; this compound is in either a gaseous or fluid state. It absorbs heat from the indoor environment to provide enough air conditioning effect with the help of evaporators and compressors.

However, the refrigerant may slowly deplete, especially with puncture holes in rusty copper tube walls in the coil caused by little routine maintenance. A low level of freon within the HVAC system can cause your AC unit to work harder to cool your home, leading to high energy bills.

It can also put your life in great danger as too much refrigerant exposure increases your risk of stomach pain, diarrhea, vomiting, severe pain in the sinuses, heartburn, irregular heartbeat, extreme fatigue, and skin irritation.

Common signs of a refrigerant leak are:

  • A sudden loss of cooling power.
  • A frozen coil.
  • A hissing sound from your indoor unit.

Dirty Air Filtration Systems

An HVAC appliance distributes cold or warm air all year long without any impurities such as pet dander, dust, and other bacteria. Thanks to its filter. But similar to any HVAC component, an air filtration unit may have an excess of dirt that needs rapid heating and air conditioning services.

When left uncleaned or unreplaced, a clogged air filter restricts the airflow into the air handler of your HVAC equipment, straining or burning out the motor. This may cause your air conditioners or heat pumps to overheat, or worse, fail.

Generally, an air conditioning repair costs between $150 to $650. It may be lower or higher depending on the issue in your HVAC appliance. On the other hand, a filter replacement usually starts at $40, while a filter cleaning is more affordable than you’ve expected.

So, when your home is dusty, or someone in the family is already having asthma attacks, quality and trusted indoor air quality solutions from a reputable HVAC contractor in Sandy, OR can come into play.

A Freezing Evaporator Coil

The air conditioning unit’s evaporator coil has a vital role to play. It specifically allows your AC to cool your home.

As your air conditioning appliance pulls in the warm air, it passes this conditioned air to evaporator coils. These coils are composed of freon that turns into gas every time it interacts with warm air.

But these evaporator coils won’t run throughout their lifetime without a problem. A frozen evaporator coil is one of the air conditioning repair issues that homeowners may experience.

It may be caused by a lack of airflow, a dirty filter, a refrigerant problem, a clogged drainpipe, or too low an outdoor temperature. For an accurate and thorough inspection, the right cooling services got your back.

Pilot or Ignition Problems

Lack of HVAC services in Sandy, OR can also cause your pilot or ignition to malfunction. A faulty pilot or ignition could make it hard for your unit to heat or cool your home of any size while there’s a sudden spike in your monthly energy bills.

So, when you notice a drastic change with your pilot light, burner, flame sensor, or any HVAC component, don’t wait for the repair or maintenance issues to be damaging and extensive. Look for quality heating and air conditioning services right away.

Tripped Breakers or Blown Fuses

If something is blocking the airflow, like the dirt in the filter, to your heating air conditioning appliance, your gas furnaces or central air units have to work harder to keep you comfortable whatever the season. This can increase your equipment’s energy consumption or, worse, trip your circuit breaker.

A quick dirt removal on your filter is necessary. If it does not work, it’s worth considering a filter replacement and an experienced HVAC contractor in Sandy, OR is someone you can trust.

Simple Ways to Maintain Your HVAC Systems

Every home or business owner prefers to hire a dependable HVAC company who’ll look over your heating or cooling system. But even if you don’t have prior experience, there are some things you could do on your own to keep your old or new system running smoothly and efficiently.

Here are some HVAC maintenance tips that will help you keep cozy in the long colder and summer months:

Invest In a Quality Carbon Monoxide Detector

Rust can build up in your heat exchanger, and when not handled properly, this HVAC component may have cracks or holes over time. A damaged heat exchanger may leak carbon monoxide from your unit, putting you and your family in great danger.

So, observe the exterior unit of your home heating system for any early signs of rust. Then, don’t forget to invest in a good carbon monoxide detector.

Check Fan Blades Regularly

Aside from the motor, fan blades aid in the heat transfer around your home. However, like any component of your heating and cooling systems, they are likely to bend or break over time. A bent or damaged spinning blade can hit other major parts of your HVAC every time it spins.

This can potentially cause potential damage, which you can avoid if you pay attention to the fan blades. If they are broken or loose, please don’t hesitate to contact an HVAC technician in Sandy, OR.

Beware of Strange Noises and Odors

It’s common for your heating and cooling equipment to create odors and sounds. While some may subside after a few days of operation, some would stay and indicate a problem with your units.

Whether you hear a banging noise or smell a burning plastic from your appliance, you can contact the pros for immediate and customized HVAC services in Sandy, OR.

Avoid Shutting Too Many Registers

It has been a practice for most homeowners in Sandy, OR to close too many vents to keep energy bills to a minimum. But surprisingly closing too many registers can do more damage to your air conditioner or heat pumps, leading to expensive furnace repair costs in the future.

So, make sure to keep every register of your HVAC equipment open even in unused rooms.

Use a Quality and Feature-Packed Filter

It’s recommended to change your filter every 30 to 90 days. Unfortunately, some homeowners don’t replace their filters at the right time because it is expensive. A dirty air filtration system could mean your entire HVAC system has to work harder to keep your home at your desired temperature.

Therefore, when your filter needs to be cleaned and replaced, leave all your heating and cooling needs to an HVAC company in Sandy, OR.

Inspect Refrigerant Lines

Refrigerant lines ensure that your radiant heating and cooling equipment can keep you comfortable all winter or summer long. However, they may get worn out as years pass by.

That’s why, it is necessary to check these refrigerant lines at least once a month. Whether you have a busy schedule or don’t have enough tools at home, you can work with reputable service pros of course.

Remove any Debris Around Your Outdoor Units

Sad to say, outdoor HVAC units don’t receive the proper care they need just like the indoor central air equipment. Remember that since they are exposed to the elements, they should be maintained as much as what your indoor systems receive.

If there are items building up around your HVAC appliance, remove them as soon as possible before things get worse. Plus, with simple sets of tools, any cleaning project will be easy and convenient.

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