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5 Questions About Preventative HVAC Maintenance

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5 Questions About Preventative HVAC Maintenance

Your HVAC system keeps your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. However, if you don’t make a point to conduct regular HVAC maintenance, your system’s general care and upkeep may slip your mind.

Of course, HVAC maintenance keeps your home comfortable. But it also increases your energy efficiency savings and shows your equipment a bit of TLC. But it does more than that! Regular maintenance also sustains your unit significantly. It saves you money, reduces your carbon footprint, limits wear and tear, and even prevents gas leaks and fires.

Not sure where to start when it comes to HVAC maintenance? Call on the experts with Control Techs NW for more information.

5. What Is Preventative HVAC Maintenance?

Preventative HVAC maintenance sees professionals or handy homeowners work to keep their HVAC units in working order. After all, your HVAC unit doesn’t have to show signs of significant damage for it to need a bit of TLC.

If you make a point to change your HVAC’s filters, keep its refrigerant at reasonable levels, maintain its fans, and so on, there’s a chance that you can prevent the kind of damage that might require significant repairs in the future.

4. What Are Common HVAC-Related Problems?

No matter how new or self-sufficient your HVAC system is, age gets the best of all devices. The longer you leave your unit without HVAC maintenance, the more vulnerable your unit and your home will be to significant forms of damage. Some of the most common types of damage to plague home HVAC systems include:

Low or leaking refrigerant
Thermostat errors
Dirty filters
Fan damage (blades or motor)
Frozen or Dirty evaporator coils
Leaking ducts

When you fill your refrigerant regularly, change your filters, and work with professionals to maintain your unit, you can prevent the conditions that would otherwise result in these problems. As a result, you save money on large-scale repairs and keep your home comfortable.

3. Can Preventative HVAC Maintenance Prevent Fire Damage?

The threat of summer and fall fires in Clackamas County comes back year after year. Even a single house fire can result in the kind of smoke and flame that does significant damage to Clackamas homes and the surrounding wildlife.

Preventative HVAC maintenance can help you and your family do your part in preventing fires throughout Oregon. When you inspect your HVAC outlets, change your filters, and otherwise keep your unit’s electronics in good working order, you prevent the kind of sparks that might otherwise result in a house fire. 

Not only do you protect your belongings with these efforts, but you also keep an eye out for your neighbor’s well-being.

2. Can Preventative HVAC Maintenance Stop Gas Leaks?

If your furnace uses gas to heat your home, then HVAC damage can result in a house-wide gas leak. These gas leaks can cause serious damage to your family’s health while making your home more dangerous to live in. For example, any damaged outlets that come into contact with loose gas can start a fire on your property.

When you conduct regular, preventative HVAC maintenance, you can get ahead of any potential gas leaks. By checking your gas lines and ensuring that all of your essential parts are connected to your unit appropriately, you control the flow of gas while keeping your home comfortable.

1. How Long Will My HVAC Equipment Last?

When making a big purchase, you want to ensure it’s going to be worth it. No one likes buying a brand new furnace only to have it break five years later, right? Well, equipment longevity depends on several factors, such as:

  • Type
  • Age
  • Condition

Air conditioners typically last ten to fifteen years; on the other hand, furnaces can sustain for up to 20 years, and heat pumps will serve you for roughly 20 years. You can get every last day out of your HVAC unit and even extend its lifespan five to ten years with yearly or bi-annual maintenance.

Working With HVAC Professionals In Oregon City and Colton

Do you want to get ahead of potential HVAC damage? Regular HVAC maintenance can keep your furnace and air conditioner in working order. The sooner you’re able to invest in the care and keeping of the units, the more likely it is that you can protect your home from dust fires, gas leaks, and other forms of widespread damage.

For help maintaining your HVAC system, reach out to Control Techs NW in Clackamas, OR. You can submit questions for our team via our online form or call one of our representatives to schedule an HVAC consultation in Oregon City or Colton.


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