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Reliable AC Repair in Sandy, OR

It’s frustrating and expensive to call a local HVAC contractor repeatedly to fix a recurring AC repair problem. But that won’t be the case with Control Techs NW as we get AC repair in Sandy, OR right the first time with client satisfaction in mind. We’re also focused on quality, so no more unexpected HVAC breakdowns.
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Signs Your Condenser Coil Needs to be Repaired

When your condenser coil is damaged, it can lead to high energy bills, create noise in the house, and overheat your condenser unit.

But when to contact the pros for immediate AC repair in Sandy, OR? Below are a few signs to look out for:


Over time, condenser coils can develop condensation or corrosion, which causes rust stains to run down on their outer casing. Who wants to use an AC with a noticeable or tough stain? No homeowner would love that, as rust can be an eyesore. It can also indicate a problem with your unit, so any sign of discoloration should not be taken lightly.

Unusually Noisy Operation

There are many reasons your air conditioning appliance is making an unusual sound. It could be a leak in the condenser coil or a crack in the ductwork. For a thorough and accurate inspection, leave this type of AC repair in Sandy, OR to an experienced local HVAC contractor for your peace of mind.

Constant Cycling

Today’s air conditioners are available with a built-in overload protection feature. As the name implies, it protects your AC from overheating, which can cause the condensers to shut off for a short time until they cool down again.

But if your air conditioning appliance won’t stop blowing cold air, a quick fix is to turn it off for a while. If this does not work, an AC repair in Sandy, OR will be an excellent option.

Your Unit Loses Its Cooling Capacity or Blows Warm Air

Is the temperature in some of your rooms are colder than in the others? If yes, there could be a problem or a potential leak with your condenser coil that should be addressed immediately.

While you might have the experience and the tools, it would be best to rely on a local HVAC contractor that offers quality and competitively priced AC repair in Sandy, OR.

Aside from the condenser coil, you can be sure that other components of your air conditioning equipment will be checked/inspected the right way.

Strange Smell

Condenser coils are built to keep fumes contained. But with time, they might rust, leading to a crack or a hole. A leaky coil can cause your condenser to run harder to reach your high cooling demand, and when left unfixed for days, it can result in frequent AC breakdowns.

Do You Need Condenser Repair? Contact Control Techs Today!

Rust or crack in the condenser coil is tricky to fix. But the process will be easy and seamless with Control Techs NW. We have the right technicians and tools to provide the best AC repair in Sandy, OR for your condenser and air conditioning system as a whole.

If you need AC installation or maintenance, remember that Control Techs NW is just a phone call away. Contact us now at 503-983-8913 to schedule an appointment.


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