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Whether you have a thermostat or AC installation project, you want to leave the job to an experienced technician, and your long search is finally over with Control Techs.

Our installers and contractors have the certifications and are trained to install whatever AC component you need, from the thermostat to the condenser coil. The quick installation has also been our top priority since day one. We finish the job without too many interruptions and shortcuts as well.

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When to Install a New Thermostat

A quality thermostat is a good investment as it can last for years. But like any other HVAC component, it won’t operate without problems throughout its lifetime. It’s likely to break down, requiring immediate attention from a technician of AC installation in Sandy, OR.

When to install a new thermostat, though? Below are some signs to look out for:

The Display is Confusing

Yes, they’ve certainly come a long way over the years, but just because they have all sorts of bells and whistles don’t mean that they are working correctly. Sometimes these features are just confusing.

If you find yourself constantly changing the settings on your thermostat or can never remember what setting does when it’s cold, hot, or somewhere in between—it may be time to consider upgrading. Just like any other piece of technology out there, thermostats have evolved.

The Temperature in Your Home is Uneven

If some rooms are noticeably warmer than others—or cooler, even when you have it set at a comfortable temperature—this points towards your thermostat needing to be replaced. The main reason for this is that your system requires regular maintenance and may not be working as efficiently as it should be.

A new thermostat gives you more accurate heating and cooling (so no more hot and cold spots throughout the house), reduced energy bills, and an improved system overall. On top of all of that, you get to enjoy a more even temperature throughout your whole house!

Your Current Thermostat Has Taken a Beating

The lifespan of a thermostat is around ten years, just like the average temperature system. Other thermostats might last for more years. But if it’s been dropped or smashed even once, you need to replace it because too much damage can affect how well it functions. A thermostat replacement is usually included in AC installation in Sandy, OR.

You Don’t Know What It Does

If you try to change your thermostat’s settings but aren’t sure what they’re doing in the first place, then chances are it isn’t working as efficiently as you’d like. This is not only frustrating but can also result in unexpected costs.

It’s time to consider other types of a thermostat. With a variety of options, it is challenging to choose the one that best suits your unique needs, and a local HVAC contractor with expertise in AC installation in Sandy, OR can lend you a hand.

Quality AC Installation Services? Your Long Search is Over with Control Techs NW!

Whether your thermostat or other air conditioning components need to be replaced, Control Techs NW has been providing full-range AC installation services in Sandy, OR for many years now.

Quick installation also makes us stand out from the competition. We have meticulous technicians and advanced tools that help us get the job done right the first time and according to your schedule.

For more information on our AC installation services, please feel free to call us at 503-983-8913. We have responsive and accommodating customer support for you.


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